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Sunday January 13th 2019, there will be a launch of a new empire in London..The Next Empire performing arts school will open, providing tuition, training and guidance for all its actors in a pragmatic creative way.

It will be a six weeks intense course which runs on a Sunday afternoon. If you have attended or workshops, the lessons for the school will pretty much be a continuation, however, more of an advanced level.

At the end of the course, you will be invited to take part in a play with all your class mates – where you can invite your friends and family to see you perform.

If interested, please get in touch today as places are limited.

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No thrills, jargon’s or complicated speech..just plain and simple. If you are a actor, recording artist or model, we will aim to find you work..if we do, we take a small percent from your remunerations.

Thats it.

We will be glad to hear from you..Get in touch…


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You are being invited to attend our free music work shop that is going to be held in London on SUNDAY 4th NOVEMBER.  We run these workshops to mainly help struggling or aspiring artiste and disadvantage youths in the community. We welcome adults too. They are geared towards nurturing talent to a higher level covering various genres of music including; rnb, rap, pop, indie, soul and reggae dance hall. Song writing and breathing techniques are offered, along with advice on recording and marketing. It’s also beneficial for confidence building and performance skills. All in all it’s a fun and enjoyable occasion.

At the work shop, you will have the opportunity to bring your music, write songs or lyrics which will result in you performing live to an audience later that evening in a gig supporting the homeless. AnR scouts will also be attending to discover new talent.

There are only a limited amount of places available for our workshop, so we advise you to book your ticket today!